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Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 784 – Cursed Treasure absorbed start
The Paradise Ingesting Come to taken the total cursed treasure and extended to take flight into the heavens, getting the cursed sword along with it.
The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov
“E-Esteemed invitee! Are you currently okay?!” Ji Hong exclaimed in a very startled voice, and the man considered Su Yang with a worried appear on his face.
“Heavens! It survived! The cursed cherish actually made it through!” Ji Hong exclaimed as soon as the cursed sword sent back to the floor.
Dual Cultivation
The time Su Yang touched the wood sword, black colored smoking started coming out, almost like it was scorching his skin.
Ji Hong nodded and put into practice Su Yang out of doors.
Some time afterwards, they turned up inside of a huge and clear the courtroom somewhere on the Ji Family’s house.
A few times in the future, Ji Hong retrieved the Bloom of Resurrection and inserted it in a wooden pack to preserve its top quality before passing it onto Su Yang.
A couple of occasions later on, Su Yang tossed the hardwood sword into the atmosphere and explained, “If you can make it through this. .h.i.t, I’ll allow you to my tool!”
Ji Hong’s jaw bone dropped to the floor when he observed Su Yang’s strength.
Some time down the road, they arrived within a wide and clear the courtroom somewhere during the Ji Family’s home.
The Heaven Having Strike consumed your entire cursed prize and carried on to fly to the heavens, utilizing the cursed sword by using it.
“How are cursed treasures even created?” Lian Li expected a minute later on.
Several events in the future, Su Yang tossed the hardwood sword in to the heavens and stated, “When you can make it through this. .h.i.t, I’ll cause you to be my tool!”
“Can there be something wrong?” Ji Hong requested.
Dual Cultivation
“Cursed treasures possess a consciousness of their own, and it may convey to that we want to buy, consequently it wants to challenge me. When you touch it now, it could possibly try and damage you.”
Su Yang swung the sword for the skies another down the road, giving a ma.s.sive arc of black colored fire soaring with the cursed tool.
And then he ongoing, “Some religious treasures will obtain their own individual consciousness naturally whilst some psychic treasures are born with regards to their possess consciousness.”
“That solid wood stay will be the cursed value? Unbelievableā€¦” Lian Li explained as she looked over the wooden sword which was slightly trembling in Su Yang’s knowledge. If it was laying in the midst of the street, she would’ve definitely taken care of it as a garbage and forgotten about it.
“Heaven Ingesting Strike!”
Sometime later on, they showed up inside of a great and vacant courtroom somewhere from the Ji Family’s house.
Nevertheless, appropriate as Ji Hong attempted to start the display screen situation, Su Yang suddenly stated, “Wait around the second.”
Su Yang retrieved another sword before launching his Sword Will.
Someday later on, they turned up inside a vast and empty court somewhere during the Ji Family’s home.
On the other hand, to their amaze, they are able to see a little dot inside the skies that increased much larger and greater.
“Excellent. You can continue the swap after I see the rest.” Su Yang explained, and that he came back to studying the set home which had over the hundred treasures.
“Try? Consider what?” Ji Hong brought up his eyebrows in the confused fashion.
“Acceptable, prestigious invitee. You could do whatever you desire in this article.” Ji Hong said to them.
“Will you imagination when i have a go?” Su Yang required Ji Hong a minute down the road.
Hearing Su Yang’s words and phrases, Ji Hong immediately jerked his hands back a startled way, much like he accidentally handled some thing too sizzling hot.
Su Yang stayed ranking there afterward, and he stared at the sky, almost like he was awaiting the cursed sword to come back downwards.
the long vacation
“Alright, esteemed guests. That can be done whatever you desire right here.” Ji Hong thought to them.
“I don’t feel that cursed prize can survive this kind of attackā€¦” Ji Hong mumbled in a very dazed voice.

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